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Founder / CEO
Posture Alignment Specialist
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Haripriya Tunga

I am Haripriya Tunga, a certified Posture Alignment Specialist, forged through comprehensive training at Egoscue University.

My professional journey encompasses a compelling blend of specialized proficiency and academic excellence.

I hold an M.Sc in Medical Entomology, a distinguished degree earned from the esteemed ICMR – Vector Control Research Center in Pondicherry.

Re-discover active life with our exclusively personalized “Posture Prime” –  posture alignment program

Transition from poor posture and pain to improved posture and pain free in 15 sessions through personalized 6 stage Posture Prime – posture alignment program.

HOW “Posture Prime” WORKS?

90% of the chronic pain that you experience are due to bio-mechanical misalignment of joints caused by muscle imbalances leading to movement limitations.

Posture Assessment

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Relief from pain

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Re-align the joints

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Restore Muscle balance


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Regain muscle strength

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Sustenance of the posture


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Benefits of correcting your posture

Re-discover active life with our exclusively personalized “Posture Correction” –  posture alignment program

Reduces risk of abnormal wear & tear of joints

Prevents long-term loss of mobility and disability

Reduces the burden of work place absenteeism

Prevents injury and surgery

Prevents long-term financial burden in treating the pain

Better form during workout to achieve your workout goal

Free from pain, increased confidence and energy to grow in career

Corporate Workshop

Are we training to reverse the evolution?

Good posture builds healthy, pain free teams.

By recognizing the importance of good posture and taking proactive measures for your employees before it becomes a major problem we can strive to safe guard the health.

Catch them early and show them you care in the process!

Support your employees with Posture Health checkup workshop to prevent injury or damage and boost health & energy.

Introducing Posture Health checkup workshop. Talk to us

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